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Several grades of Extra Virgin bulk olive oils availables

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We produce and select a variety of Extra Virgin organoleptic bulk olive oil profiles from olives of our own harvest and we have also partnered with spanish Cooperatives and private Olive Oil mills for exporting through partial bulk shipments their own oil tank

Why us?

Find your specs required

We supply a broad EVOOs selection such as earliest harvest, high polyphenols level, mono/multi-varietals and special colours requirements

Keep the quality you make consistent

Our operating business model establishes alliances with Spanish farmers and producers on certain high 

Buy direct from producers

We qualify for you the best offers/suppliers at any given moment among more than 1000 Spanish producers as are also working on an first MVP initiative -OLIVIFY that consists of a bulk olive oil marketplace to connect producers with US importers

Choose the batch by your-selft

Be yourself the one to value among different quality alternatives and do not settle for ´That is what there is´

Improve the UX of your O&V bulk store 

We know how important it is to generate a truly transformational experience for your customers and we can help you achieve it

24/7 Availability

You could be suffering high levels of Out-of-stock since COVID-19 and worldwide transport chaos that are exposing the fragility of the entire supply chain. Our aim is to achieve certainly 24/7 EVOO bulk availability in Florida area soonest to let you save time and money

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